​​Come visit the home of Confederate General Albert Sidney Johnston in Old Washington.  

Albert Sidney Johnston was born and raised in Old Washington even though he would later live much of his life in Texas.  At the beginning of the Civil War, he was considered one of the most capable Confederate generals by President Jefferson Davis.  His death at the Battle of Shiloh in 1862 was a tremendous blow to the Confederacy.

Simon Kenton is known as the "father" of Mason County.   Born in Virginia, he would make his way west to Kentucky as the result of a would-be killing!  He would serve in Dunmore's War and the American Revolution.  He was the contemporary and friend of many of Kentucky's early long hunters.  He set-up a trade store in Washington and owned much land in the area.  Eventually, his family would move to Ohio. 

Albert Sidney Johnston 

Simon Kenton 


Thomas Marshall

He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1730.  He would play an important role in early Virginia and Kentucky.  As a youth, he assisted George Washington in his surveying.  He was a lieutenant in the French & Indian War and participated in the Braddock Expedition against Fort Duquesne.  He recruited a battalion and became a major of the regiment during the early American Revolution; this regiment was known as the "Culpepper Minutemen".  Later he would become colonel of the 3rd Virginia Regiment.  

He was appointed surveyor general of the Kentucky lands in 1783 and established an office in Lexington.  He represented Fayette County in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1787 and 1788.  He would be a delegate to the convention in Danville that considered separation from Virginia.  He was the collector of revenue for Kentucky.  

He and his wife had 14 children with several of them becoming prominent leaders including son, John Marshall, who was Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.